Corporate Social Responsibility

csrThe relationship between business and society often comes together in what is referred to a Corporate Social Responsibility; the responsibility of business to society, the balanced integration of social and environmental considerations is incorporated into our business decisions, processes and operations. As a form of corporate self-regulation it ensures that we recognise society as one of our stakeholders.
At Shoreline Natural Resources, we believe that CSR must go beyond philanthropy, it must be an integral part of our business processes; hence we not only want to be seen as a responsible corporate citizen, but ACT like a responsible and socially aware corporate citizen. We also work diligently towards improving the micro-society and macro-society.
Our CSR strategy and initiatives are unique and reflect the company’s mission and values. Therefore, our core values of Honesty, Efficiency, Initiative, Loyalty and Commitment are reflected in our CSR ethos.
The area of focus at Shoreline natural Resources for CSR is Education, Infrastructure and Health.